RTR Client Services

RTR Services, Inc. is a full service national asset management company, providing complete coverage in all 50 states.

Account Management

RTR is the nation's leading full service asset management company, providing assigned accounts with immediate action and rigorous follow-up until the account is resolved. Our automated account handling system along with extensive record keeping allows us to provide proactive status reports that keep you up to date and in control. We are fully compliant with the protection of customer information, AML and import/export governmental requirements.

In addition to picking up your assets and remarketing, we offer site inspection services, asset valuation, collection services and inventory control. Our capable, professional teams of remarketers, recovery agents, and site services staff ensure the highest level of consistent quality and services that you can depend on.

Inspections Services

RTR's Inspection Services (IS) division has been specifically designed to meet our client's needs. IS provides a full range of inspection, equipment validation and check collections services utilizing seasoned field inspectors nationwide to provide prompt service as needed. We encourage you view the full range of services at www.IS-RTR.com

RTR also provides inventory audits, collateral appraisals and other services nationwide and with us there is a full accountability for we are utilizing our own company field staff in fulfilling your needs.

You receive the benefit of over 28 years of experience and knowledge along with thorough, detailed reports and photographs that provide independent documentation of a job well done. Our expedited services are both timely and cost-effective. No matter how small or large the job is we are the company you can depend upon.

We Inspect:

  • Single Assets
  • Fleets
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Office/retail Establishments
  • Facilities Located in Multiple States/Cities
Asset Evaluations and Equipment Appraisals

From desk top to full appraisals our firm's large team of in-house remarketing specialists and appraisers ensure you receive accurate evaluations. Our remarketing agents maintain an extensive knowledge of the current market values of assets in a broad spectrum of industries ensuring when your assets are valued and resold you received the highest possible Fair Market Value (FMV) for your assets. You can bank on the accuracy and quality of our reports, just ask our current clients.

Asset evaluations are provided on all recovered items. With them you'll know the true OLV and FMV of your assets. We also provide a quick turn-around on desktop FMV's based upon the documentation you provide. This will help you in the evaluation process of deciding the next step to take in your portfolio management.

All of our appraisals are USPAP compliant and our staff of appraisers are designated GPPA(Graduate Personal Property Appraisers) or MPPA (Master Personal Property Appraisers). We provide appraisal services nationally. Corporate clients include local, regional and national banks, leasing companies, bankruptcy courts and attorneys in all 50 states. A client list and references are available upon request. Give us a call for a free quote on any of your appraisal projects nationwide.

Asset Recovery

Nationwide locations and coverage assures that your asset can be located, picked up, and secured in a timely manner -wherever the location. Our staff of highly trained and capable field agents is committed to the safe and timely recovery of your assets. Since field work is managed and performed by our staff you can bank on full accountability and the quality of work done.

Account status reports are maintained in a proprietary system to specifically address the unique needs of each client and their account management needs. With these reports, you'll always be up to date on your accounts.

911/rush accounts are to be expected. Our sizable field staff, scope of operations and various locations allow us to respond quickly to these accounts in a timely, efficient and cost effective way.

Asset Remarketing

Our large team of remarketing agents and direct sales personnel each specialize in an equipment field. This expertise allows them to remain focused on the specific industries constantly keeping their market knowledge current. This allows RTR to spend more time remarketing your assets for we know where the market is on a day to day basis.

RTR, in the day to day operations of remarketing assets that are recovered on behalf of our clients utilize some or all of the following avenues for the remarketing of those assets. Upon receipt of an asset they are placed on our company web site (rtrservices.com), telemarketing campaign, broadcast faxes advertising the sale of the equipment, warehouse/yard visits (our facilities are open to the public), local and regional advertising and equipment specific advertising. In addition we access our database of previous buyers and bidders. All of these efforts enable us to quickly notify potential bidders that we have an asset and assist them with any questions they may have. Your assets are remarketed through our professional remarketing centers as well as in print and web advertising along with other media ensuring the highest possible exposure of the asset quickly.

Extensive monitoring and record keeping of the remarketing process allowing you access to the sales status of each asset, keeping you up to date on our marketing efforts. We provide you with full documentation of each sales transaction.

Our marketing process ensures that all sales are done in a fair and commercially reasonable manner, fully protecting your pursuit of deficiencies while maintaining an expedient sale of your assets.

** See Terms and Conditions of Sale for complete information **

Collection Services

For site visits to facilitate a payment, opening up lines of communication or inspecting your assets you can utilize our Inspections Services Division to meet your needs.

When you need a solid presence to make demand for the assets or facilitate a payment with a more proactive stance, RTR is who our clients have come to depend upon since 1990. Our normal field services are professionally performed by our field personnel who are specifically trained to maximize the opportunity for success and pursuit of resolution. We don't just knock on a door but we pursue all available field leads to track the party down and resolve your issue.

Whether facilitating a past due payment or re-establishing the lines of communication, RTR is uniquely qualified to provide these services.

*RTR Does not provide deficiency or collection agency contract services.

Inventory Control

RTR's proprietary inventory control system is unequalled in the industry. It provides the basis for effective asset management and up to the minute inventory and audit reporting. Each asset is photographed and tracked with a unique ID which allows it to be tracked through our facilities and easily correlated to the proper account.

All of our facilities are secured, alarmed with 24-7 monitoring and recording 24-7 by surveillance cameras. Our facilities are laid out in a highly organized sales design allowing assets to be displayed and accessible to potential buyers.


RTR sets up and manages the auction from begining to end. We have a network of auctioneers to draw from dependent upon the type of equipment and location to ensure you get the best value out of the assets that are being auctioned. This allows you to have a single company to work with nationally and provides standardized pricing nationwide.

Inspection Services