Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in RTR and the services we provide. If you have questions that are not answered below please e-mail your request to E-mails will be responded to within 24hrs of receipt.

Is everything RTR has in inventory for sale listed on the web site?

The inventory on our website represents a portion of the current inventory available for sale. If you do not find the item you're looking for please Contact Us to be added to a buyer's list describing assets you would be interested in or add yourself to our web sites buyer's interest for proactive e-mail notification here.

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How fast does inventory sell?

Inventory is fluid changing hour by hour therefore if you are interested in a piece of equipment be proactive in your pursuit and submit an offer now! Make sure you're ready to fund for funding is expected to take place within 48 hours of the acceptance of your offer.

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Does RTR use my offer to get better offers from other parties?

RTR considers any offer to be confidential and does not disclose one buyer's offer to another, however there are times when multiple parties are willing to purchase an item at the same price. On those rare occasions we extend a one-time courtesy in which these parties are allowed to resubmit a higher offer. The item is then sold to the highest offer.

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How can I get advance notice of what RTR Services has coming into inventory?

Register as a buyer on our web site and then pick your interest categories. You will then get an e-mail when an item is listed for sale in one of the categories you selected. In the near future we will also be implementing an advance notification feature. This feature will give you the inside track on items before they are listed on the website.

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Does RTR offer financing?

RTR does not offer financing. Upon request we can refer you to several financing companies that will work with you. Keep in mind that if you're not in a position to fund the purchase within 48 hours of the acceptance of your offer, a non-refundable deposit may be required to hold the asset while you line up financing.

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How does RTR get the inventory they sell?

Assets are brought into inventory on behalf of our clients (Leasing Companies, Banks, and Bankruptcy Courts). As a general rule RTR Services does not buy inventory for resale.

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How are the prices set on each item?

A Price for the asset is established with the original paper holder (i.e. Lease Company, Bank or Trustee). Assets are re-marketed at the established Price (subject to change without notice).

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What is an RTR #?

The RTR # is an inventory tracking number that all assets are assigned. You should have this number available when calling about a specific asset to expedite our assistance with your inquiry.

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If I offer the asking price can I buy it now?

Most of the time yes, however all offers including offers at the asking price are subject to review and acceptance by our client. There are times when multiple buyers are willing to purchase an item at the asking price. On those rare occasions we extend a one-time courtesy in which all parties are allowed to resubmit a higher offer. The item is then sold to the highest offer.

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Can I inspect an asset prior to purchasing it?

We make an concerted effort to determine condition and operability of assets during our evaluation process. We do however encourage you to perform whatever due diligence you require to feel comfortable with your purchase. Arrangements are to be made with the RTR re-marketing agent you're working with.

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What other information is available to me regarding an asset RTR is selling (other than photos, condition report and description)?

RTR Services will disclose any and all known pertinent facts related to an asset. Our base knowledge on any given account is as follows:

  • State the asset was in at the time of RTR’s receipt
  • Date the equipment was purchased or deal booked
  • Asset status at time of pick up
  • Current asking price

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Who is responsible for wire fees?

The buyer is responsible for any fees charged by their own bank and any intermediary bank utilized in a transaction. Intermediary banks are used when the wire is sent from outside the U.S. *See below

Buyers are not charged or subject to fees assessed by RTR's bank. As with any sale, if funds received by RTR are less than the total agreed upon sale amount, equipment will be held until the full amount has been received.

The wire fees assessed will depend on the point of origin. *See below

  • Domestic Transfers (funds wired from inside the U.S.):
  • Normally your bank (buyers bank) will charge you a fee that you are responsible to pay at the time of the transaction, which is in addition to the funds being sent.

  • International Transfers (funds wired from outside the U.S.):
  • Both the buyer's bank and an intermediary bank will charge you a wire fee. Your bank will normally charge you a fee at the time you initiate the wire. When your bank sends funds to a intermediary bank within the US that processes the transaction domestically, the intermediary bank also charges a fee. This fee is based on an agreement with your bank's corporate office and varies from bank to bank. *See below

    * The intermediary bank used in an international transfer of funds subtracts their fee from the wired funds after it has left your bank. To cover this fee, RTR will assess a charge of $25.00 above the negotiated sales price. For further information on the use of an intermediary bank and their fees we recommend you contact your bank to obtain their policies and procedures concerning this prior to making a purchase.

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What is a transaction fee?

RTR provides services to the financial industry which includes the disposition of financed equipment. In the past Banks and Financial companies were the only ones required to meet government regulatory compliance issues. Now many of these regulatory compliance issues are being required of us (the service provider) who works with Banks and Finance companies. These new regulatory and compliance issues come at a cost which is now itemized as the transaction fee on each invoice.

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Are deposits refundable?

All deposits are non-refundable unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Making a deposit will hold the asset at the agreed upon price allowing you to finalize your purchasing arrangements (financing, inspection etc.). A deposit is non-refundable because it places an asset on hold there by removing the opportunity for other interested parties to purchase on the asset.

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Why only five days to pick up my purchased equipment?

Our yards and warehouses have equipment constantly coming and going and so space is at a premium. We allow enough time as part of the transaction to facilitate a timely pick up of the equipment. Those needing additional time can negotiate that at the time of purchase for a reduced rate or simply pay the additional expense for the time needed. We always encourage buyers to consider this in advance however a lack of timely planning on the part a buyer will not constitute a change in the terms of the sale.

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Can I request a refund?

No. All sales are final upon RTR’s receipt of funds. Therefore we encourage buyers to do all their research and personally inspect items prior to paying for them. See Terms of Sale

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What does "as-is, where-is" mean?

The equipment is sold where the equipment is located in the condition it is currently in. Buyer assumes all responsibility to validate the accuracy, condition and presence of the items listed on the invoice prior to purchase. RTR does no refurbishing or repairs to equipment and doesn’t allow buyers to do repairs to equipment at their facilities.

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