$ 75
RTR#: 4033627-02
Cond: Fair
State: NC

Yorkville Coliseum Power Amp Includes Intercom

Aiphone Intercom System to Include; (1) LEF-5 Aiphone Intercom, 5 Call Master W/Door Station; (1) LE-D Aiphone Read more....

Intercom, Surf Mnt Plastic Door Station; (1) PS-1225UL Aiphone Intercom, 12V DC Power Supply; (1) 60W Speaker; (1) Yorkville CA1T Coliseum Power Amp; (1) S89D The Siemon Company , Mounting Bracket; (1) M1-50 The Seimon Company, Connecting Block 50PR; (1) AT219-6 Allen Tel Products Inc, Wall Phone Jack 6 Cond; (1) BA-1 Aiphone Intercom, Paging Adaptor

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